Since galleries and exhibitions have been closed this has left artists across the country looking at creative ways to display their latest artistic endeavours. Two local creative businesses, Portsdown Graphic Design and Tiny Engines, have come up with a great solution to support local artists in Portsmouth. Artsmouth is a curated virtual art gallery providing visual artists with links to Portsmouth the opportunity to exhibit their work.

The virtual gallery opened in April 2020 and has exhibited works by more than 25 local artists including Williamson Art and Photography, James Mankiewicz and striking artworks by Mark Kellett. The latest exhibition, titled My View of Portsmouth, showcases work by local photographer Daniel Yarker, also known as Mullion Marauder and is best known for his monochromatic images of Southsea. My View of Portsmouth is available to view from 19th June to 2nd July 2020. My favourite exhibition so far has been the most recent group exhibition which displayed a range of illustrations, oil paintings and acrylic on canvas.

Submit your artwork

If you’d like to get involved with future exhibitions you can submit artwork here. Before you apply you should be aware of the submission requirements:

  • Must be a visual artist with strong ties to Portsmouth.
  • Submissions are open to Painters, Illustrators, Sculptors, Photographers, Textile Artists, Print Makers, Digital Artists, Cartoonists – a high quality of art will need to be submitted.
  • Images are displayed for public viewing only, not for selling.

Brb submitting photography to Artsmouth! 😀

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Top things to do in Liverpool

A little fact readers may not know about is my mum comes from Liverpool which has given me the chance to visit the amazing city practically every year since I was a child. Over the past few years I tend to try and get there a couple of times a year to visit family so I’ve definitely experienced lots of different aspects of the city. Here are some of my top things to do in Liverpool, ranging from cultural activities to those all important Beatles venues!

1. Beatles Museum – This is an obvious one for Beatles fans but I think even if you’re not a hardcore fan there’s something for everyone. I’ve been twice now and both times there have been families enjoying the exhibition, children seem to love the Yellow Submarine themed room!

2. Tate Modern – I made the mistake of visiting the Tate with my cousin once, he hated every minute of it! Now the Tate is not for everyone, modern art doesn’t tickle everyone’s fancy but it’s definitely worth it to get some culture in you one afternoon, it won’t hurt 😉

3. Shopping in Liverpool One. Liverpool has one of the best shopping centres in the UK, I absolutely love it and I’m not really a shopping fanatic at all. So that must be saying something! There are also lots of restaurants to choose from in the shopping centre.

4. Magical Mystery Tour – Now this one may only be interesting to big Beatles fans. Jump on the Magical Mystery Tour at the Docks, it’ll take you on a tour of important locations in Beatles history; the lads childhood homes, Brian Epstein’s home, Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane and ends at The Cavern Club.

5. Enjoy the nightlife! Liverpool is one of the top places for a night out in the UK, the drinks are cheap (by London standards at least), the people are lovely and there are so many bars to choose from you’l be spoilt for choice! For my next visit, I’ve got my eyes on The Florist .

6. Head up St. John’s Beacon and see Liverpool from above! Tickets are available here.

7. World Museum – oh i do love a good museum, the history geek in me gets excited seeing historical portraits and sculptures. Don’t even get me started on those marble busts :’).There are so many museums to choose from if the World Museum doesn’t take your fancy

Taken during Liverpool Pride 2016

8. Take the infamous ferry across the Mersey. You can’t visit Liverpool without jumping on the ferry!

9. Co-ordinate your trip around any number of the amazing live events that take place. There are so many great live venues across Liverpool, big and small.

10. The Beatles Story is a great museum covering the early days of the fab four right up to their solo careers. Even if you’re not a massive fan of The Beatles you can’t visit Liverpool without taking a look at music history!

I initially planned on featuring 5 things to do in Liverpool but there is so much more to do I had to extend it to 10 which still doesn’t cover all of the great things the city has to offer!

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